Team work

Mwg team work

know you can know mwg network team work

Know the team work of mwg society network , admin 👨‍💼 authors and editors every role know now how is write articles you read and like in mwg team work

We have work in organizing team works structures every team work is represent as



Mwg CEO “Head Master”

Eng.  Mohamed wahed

Mohamed is head master and ceo of mwg organization also it’s software engineer

mohamed is 24 years from Egypt 🇪🇬 you can contact them with ُE-mail Address:

also you can contact them via facebook:


editors team work

mwg editors team is journalist editors and the authors for editing real content on our network

Mr. Mohamed Hasanin

high quality content editor , You Can contact us via facebook :


MR. Mohamed Adriano

high quality content editor , You Can contact us via email address :


authors – writers team work

mwg have authors team they are our content write and play an important role to give our network fresh real content


miss : Marim Ali

High Quality Content Writer , You can contact Us via E-mail Address :


nouran adel

freelance high quality content writer


nora kamal

freelance high quality content writer


Multimedia content team work

Multimedia team work with our videos in content, generation our content to videos

manage our videos channels and help grow is via them


MR. Abd El-ghany El-Esaly

multimedia expert , video editor , video creator , YouTube Chanel Manager , 2d and 3d editor.

You can contact them via E-mail Address:



Social Media Engineers team work

Social engineer are work in our social network accounts and work to grow us via them


Marketing team work

Marketing team they market and publish our content and our service every where in the world ls


HR team work

Hr team is responsible for all teams all members , be able to get new members to join our teams

so they responsible for monthly salary for every one working and vote they work

You can contact our hr team leader via E-mail Address :


Developers team

they are our brain 🧠 they develop our web and mobile app and continue update it with new features

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