Rihanna celebrates in a women’s night

Rihanna celebrates in a women’s night


The photographer’s cameras spotted the world star Rihanna, listening to her friends only, in Bridgaton, the capital of Barbados, and Rihanna appeared with a simple and charming look.

Rihanna drew attention to her huge fortune recently announcing that she had offered her palace in Los Angeles for $ 35,000 a month, a palace she failed to sell last year for 7.5 million US dollars.


On the other hand, the world star Rihanna has been successful for a while in the world of fashion and fashion to prove that it is able to put its mark in this world, not only to launch new designs but also to be present in these important events, where Rihanna attended the launch of “Fenty Pop-Up” New York City, and the famous star grabbed her attention. She chose to wear a fuchsia-style dress, one of Fenty’s most famous designs, and her hair appeared in the Rasta style that surprised many.



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